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Why using a vacuum bag to store your stuff ? Vacuum Bags are usefull to store, but also for protecting and preserving cloting and bedding. Vaccum Bags offer a practical and secure storage system: in the wardrobe and in the drawer you can save up to 70% of the space with the Vaccum Bag.

Don’t worrry anymore with dust, insects and moisture for stored stuff.Vacuum Bag helps to protect clothes and bedding from dust, mildew and bad smells. Space savy and practical for your home: you can compress and order clothes, lingerie, felts, duvet covers, and synthetic elements of enormous size. Whatever the purpose or use, Vacuum Bags are always more effective: at home, on a trip or in holidays. The clothes is not wrinkled so the Vacuum Bag protect completely of the damp.

This set includes 3 unites of Vaccum Bags. Size 98x68