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QUIKTOP (set of 3)

Description :

Quick Top is a cap for cans that allows you to close sodas or beers with a simple click.

The Quick Top transforms the cans in bottles 100% hermetic, cheap and practical, Quik Top keeps the bubbles inside until the next sip: the gas won’t escape more, drink when you want!!!

This clever accessory has more tricks under his top:

- QuikTop makes easy the opening of the can: no more broken nails!

- We can use the top as a glass. Practical in many situations and for camping days, beach, sports, car, walk, office, work, home, etc ...

- The cap can be put under the can: ideal to avoid round marks on the tables!

- The top has an anti-insect screen ... but it has a little space to slide a straw. Drink fun and safely !

- Easy to maintenance, QuikTop can be cleaned with water or in the dishwasher.

- QuikTop has a hook to be hung to the belt.

 This set includes 3 Quik Top