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With the same cleaning power than The Glove, this microfiber mop can be used to scrub floors and tiles to achieve the height of cleanliness.

The microfiber attracts dust due to static electricity and has a high absorption capacity for liquids. The mop has a jointed head to pass under and behind all furniture, and an extendable pole to work at heights.

The mop is perfect for:

- All floors (parquet, tiles and stoneware tiles): traps dust and removes fingerprints using water only, no chemicals!

- For wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, clean and remove fingerprints and lime. Used dry it brightens the tiles.

If soiled, the mop is easily cleaned in the washing machine, with detergent but without fabric softener!

The mop saves time and money because you only use water, and there is no need to buy expensive chemicals, toxins and pollutants. The glove is a very environmentally friendly.