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Description :

The Microfiber Glove cleans all surfaces using only water, no chemicals needed! The microfiber attracts dust due to static electricity and has a high absorption capacity for liquids. The glove has two faces: one for cleaning and one for drying and polishing.

The Glove is perfect for:

- Glass, mirrors, tiles and stainless steel: Remove lime and grease, leaving the area without a trace of dirt!

- Thanks to their strips of micro fiber, the glove removes dirt even in the most difficult corners, such as computer keyboards, moldings, kitchen cabinets, faucets and car dashboards.

- Great for appliances: computer, TV, clean up the vitroceramica!

Use in the kitchen, the bathroom or the car, the Clean Glove with water works in all parts of your life!

When it gets dirty, the Gloves are easily cleaned in the washing machine, with detergent alone and no need for fabric softener.

The Glove saves time and money because you only use water, and there is no need to buy expensive chemicals, toxins and pollutants. The Glove is very environmentally friendly.


4 colors