Description :

The phosphorus stimulates the early growth of plants and the root formation. That is why the fossilized Guano is considered one of the best natural organic fertilizer.
It is the only organic fertilizer in the world that has as large amount of phosphorus (10-20%) and that contains the fishes that feed the Himboldt penguins, cormorants, pelicans, etc..
The iron that contains the fossilized Guano (3.5%) makes it one of the most iron-rich fertilizer in the world.

The fossilized Guano is a double fertilizer, normally the iron-rich fertilizer are sold as separate fertilizers. The iron provides a great color to the flowers and to the leaves.

It has also other components such as Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium and Zinc, which prevent of the plant diseases and improve the taste of the fruit.

It’s the best organic fertilizer in the world, a relic of the past, an exclusive organic fertilizer that was considered practically exhausted in the last 80 years. It is more effective than the chemical fertilizers. To be used in pots, garden, orchard and lawn.