Presentation of the company

Since 1995, IDEAR seeks to invent and develop innovative and useful products. A leader in its market, IDEAR has the support of an international network of Research & Development teams to propose an ever-expanding line for home, leisure and everyday life.

IDEAR has very strict criteria regarding the selection of their products:

- novelty and ease of use
- ergonomics and economy (save energy, time, money)
- environmental protection
- use of quality materials

From our headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), the IDEAR team; consisting of professional innovation, marketing and sales; organizes activities throughout Europe, America and Asia.

Nowadays, the company's business is divided into several areas:

- permanent presence for more than 20 years in the great fairs of Europe and USA
- distribution to professionals (stores, direct sales, resellers and TV shopping)
- direct marketing on the Internet, with the aim of making the most successful products available easily

IDEAR is always looking for new ideas and new talents, whether in the areas of invention, innovation or sales, so don't hesitate to contact us!